Nokia 770

Nokia today announced the Nokia 770 internet tablet which could be described as a bigger PDA without the PIM stuff (except e-mail) but with extended webbrowsing functionality. The nice little thing uses a Linux-based operating system and is planned to be released somewhen in the 3rd quarter of this year. Also the pricing is IMO quite okay with around 400EUR (according to The only feature that I’m really missing is PIM. Sorry, but for mobile internet access I’d normally prefer a sub-notebook. Sure, the price difference here is really huge but still… a handheld without PIM? Not really what I’m looking for.

But here comes the positive side: Since it’s Linux-based I’m quite sure that Nokia will have nothing against people putting their own applications on this handheld so perhaps they will publish some SDKs :-) … Or to be precise: They already did that :-) The maemo project basically is the development plattform for the Nokia 770. On the projects homepage you already get quite a huge amount of tutorials, API references and also libraries/SDKs. There are already some 3rd party applications available here. Now I’m just waiting for a decent PIM solution and this could be a real killer-device :D

… not to forget the missing OGG support but I think this is just a matter of time :-)