Firefox sidebar and Greasemonkey+Scrapbook

FF without sidebarYesterday I finally decided to install Greasemonkey to try Manuela Hoffmanns’s style and everything went fine … but then I had to restart Firefox and suddenly the bookmark sidebar was gone. There was nothing left but a blank widget and the title of the sidebar. Why do I mention Scrapbook in the title? After removing Greasemonkey and Scrapbook (which was updates yesterday) the bookmark sidebar worked again. Then I installed both extensions once again and everything worked… and today the sidebar is gone.

Now I’ve removed Greasemonkey and Scrapbook in one step and had to restart Firefox 2 times to get the sidebar back. After installing Greasemonkey the sidebar is still there, so it seems like Scrapbook is somehow responsible :-? or not…. installing Scrapbook after installing Greasemonkey seemed to have no effect on the sidebar. At least it is back again. I don’t really care all that much about the how and why :-)