Some new stuff ;-)

Strange case :-? Finally some new music and a new book :-) The new CD in my collection is Nine Inch Nails - The downward spiral and the new book is Star Trek: Engines of Destiny.

Sure, the CD is far from being new (1994), but after listening to With teeth for … 2 weeks(?) I thought about getting some more music of the Nine Inch Nails and ordered the CD last Sunday on Amazon since it wasn’t really expensive. This time it even has a booklet, but the rest of the case is IMO really strange. The CD itself comes in a cheap maxi case and together with the booklet they are wrapped in a cardboard case… strange idea.

The sound itself is quite timeless. Not completely different from With teeth but still much rougher and harder. Let’s see what’s the next NIN album I’ll order ;-)

The book on the other hand is one of the next generation era together with Capt. Scott, Capt. Kirk and Guinan… yupp: Generations ;-) I’m currently somewhere around page 100 and it’s really good :-) But I’ll perhaps write more about it later in another post :-) My problem with books of this kind is that I simply read them to fast … and often so that I barely get any work done as long as I haven’t finished the book :-)