New Technorati Beta site

There seems to be a new version of the Technorati page in development using quite a lot JavaScript and many rounded corners ;-) Even their Google Ads bar looks nice. Apart from the optical redesign there are also some new features like the extended tag interface which for example lets you choose between getting a list of tags using the roman alphabet or tags from all languages… although there are 2 tags written in an asian language in the a-z listing… perhaps I’ve just misunderstood this tab :P If you now search for a tag you get related data from flickr, buzznet, delicious and furl.

Also the search form got some new stuff like the “options” button that lets you switch between tag-related, content-releated and URL-related searching. But there seems to be little bug there:

Currently tracking 11.2 million sites and 0 billion links.

But apart from this little glitch I really love the new Technorati look :-)