WinTV PVR-150 on Linux

Part of my new PC is a WinTV PVR-150 which I bought for recording TV shows etc. since I don’t have a recorder in my room and also don’t plan to buy something like that. I’ve actually also come quite far in getting it to work but now I’m stuck… But first a small description of what I’ve done until now:

First of all I got the ivtv drivers here and installed them with

cd driver


make install

cd ../utils


make install

Then I inserted the driver CD that was bundled with the card and copied the HcwFalcn.rom and the HcwMakoA.ROM into /lib/modules. I also symlinked HcwFalcn.rom to ivtv-fw-enc.bin as was described here

Nothing really interesting here only that if you have the eeprom module loaded I’d recommend that you unload it before loading the ivtv module. I don’t know if it really causes any problems but it at least spares you a few warning/error lines in dmesg :P

Now comes the part where the module gets loaded with

modprobe ivtv ivtv_std=2

The ivtv_std parameter sets the TV standard used by the driver (2 for PAL).

This is basically where I am now. When I try to view the output of the card with mplayer /dev/video0 most of the screen is black (sometimes with a little snow ;-) ) and the rest has green fields all over it. I also went to a friend who installed the card on his Windows machine and got the same result before switching from the “cabel” mode into the “antenna” mode. My problem is now: How can I do this with ivtv? I’ve search the last couple of days and couldn’t find a solution for this :-?