Got Tekken :P

After having finished Killzone last night and still feeling the need to get some recreating between learning for the next 4 exams, I decided to get Tekken 5 today. Since the last Beat’em Up I bought was quite a disappointment since the only really new thing about it was the new online mode (… yes, I’m talking about DOA Ultimate ;-) ) I was a little nervous if Tekken 5 would finally be a good game for me again :-) But after playing it for about an hour I think this could become some very entertaining weeks to come ;-) The game seems definitely harder than Tekken4 and offers (at least offline) much more than DOAU.

Even the pre-rendered sequences look better than the ones in DOAU… although I really liked the DOAU intro :-) Also the AI appears to be better… at least it’s juggling all the time which will probably drive me crazy eventually :-? At least beating this game won’t be a easy as it was with Tekken4 ;-)

It also offers a mode comparable to the commutß© mode in Virtua Fighter 4 and VF 4 Evolution which actually was my main motivation for getting this game. Fighting to gain some rank was simply really a motivating task compared to having to fight the main tournament of a game and being done with it :-? You also get some money with every won fight which you can use to customize your character (or in fact any available character since you don’t have to focus on just one character) but the shopping interface was IMO better in VF4* :-)

P.S.: As I’ve mentioned above: I’ve finished Killzone; which means that there will perhaps take the time to write a small review :-)