43* webservices

Today I rediscovered the link to 43things.com again somewhere on my blogroll and started to play around with it. For those who don’t know 43things yet: This some kind of online todo list where everyone can add here items and share them with other people so that they can give each other hints and tips and encourage each other.

43things also has a sister site with a focus on places people want to visit or have visited. As simple as both services are, as motivating they are. After being a member on both sites for only a few hours I’ve added a few of my past holiday destinations and completed one of my tasks ;-) Ok, writing an init script isn’t really hard or takes all that long but I’d probably have forgotten it once again :-? Now I hope that I will find enough people who want to help me learn Japanese and Prolog or OCaml ;-)

They even do feature requests and bug reporting through the same interface ;-) But here I also found a little bug: On every sub-site , be it the german version, the bugreporting site etc. , they all have the same links at the bottom of the page which should lead to the FAQ, the privacy information and so on. The problem is: They are all broken on the sub-sites :-( Let’s see how long it takes until this little glitch is fixed :-)