Ruby 1.8.2 on Ubuntu 5.04

Since yesterday there is a new version of Ruby On Rails available: 0.13.1. It seems like this version has introduced a version-check on Ruby which makes it hard to get Rails installed on Ubuntu 5.04. The problem here is, that Hoary uses a pre-release of Ruby 1.8.2 as base which was made 2 days before the final release.

There are no real replacement packages available so I installed Ruby 1.8.2 (with all the security patches) manually gave its binary a higher priority in my path than the Ubuntu binary. I’m not sure so far if this breaks anything but I hope not :-) But first things first: I will now describe what exactly I’ve done :-)

  1. Get Ruby 1.8.2 from together with the security patches
  2. Extract the tarball and apply the patches
  3. ./configure --prefix=/opt/ruby-1.8.2


    sudo make install

  4. Now let's make this new Ruby a brighter one:
    export PATH=/opt/ruby-1.8.2/bin:$PATH

    Simply put this in your own ~/.bashrc and the one of root.

  5. After refreshing your environment installing gems and rails and using rails should be no problem anymore :-)

Since this appears to be a small bug in Ubuntu (having a pre-release from 2 days before the stable release) I still hope that someone will fix this also for Ubuntu 5.04 :-)