English/German zeroKspot

If you are reading this weblog you’ve probably already noticed that my previous 2 posts were in german. Why? Quite simple: I’m currently not motivated to blog in english anymore. Nothing specific and without a real cause except that I’m simply not motivated anymore :) This doesn’t mean that I won’t continue blogging, it just means that this blog will probably see many more german posts in the near future. Given my (bad) experience with splitting my content into multiple blogs I want to keep everything in this one weblog and see how it turns out. I will probably not translate my german posts here as I won’t translate my english posts to german. If I do so, I’ll probably do this on a dedicated much more basic weblog which has only these translations as purpose and content. How, when and if I will do this depends only on my motivation and the time I will have in the near future :) This weblog will finally become a true mixed-language weblog ;)