Trying Burger King again

Zum ersten mal seit Jahren bei BC After I’d say about 1 year Klagenfurt has once again a Burger King restaurant and after about 2 years I could finally motivate myself to at at one once again ;) Last time the chicken burger simply tasted like junk :-( Not so this time. Thanks to Mario (photo ;) ) and despite all the trouble getting around the Beach Volleyball Championship and ߖ3 Bearchparty we got there.

At first everything looked the same as two years ago: about 5 staff members waiting for customers and no customer in sight. Not really promising. Then we went outside with our food just to be greated by quite heavy wind ;) While trying to secure food and napkins I actually enjoyed what I bought: A Chicken Baguette BLT (whatever) and a Whopper. Everything much better than I remembered them to taste.

Today we also went to BK again and I tried two other burgers: A Double Bacon Cheeseburger … or something like that and a Crispy Chicken. Both really good. So BK is really getting more and more an alternative to McDonald’s for me. BK only has one problem in Klagenfurt: They made the mistake of opening their first restaurant only 3 years ago while McD is here since 20 years. So there are 4 McDs in Klagenfurt against only one BK and this is far away from the center and the university. I really hope that BK will get a chance to open a restaurant near the Wörthersee (and so also near the university) … and I’m also still waiting for a greek restaurant and a Pizzahut ;)