How I got the new player installed

As you can already see in the title this post will describe how exactly I got player installed on my laptop. This is not a generic howto but IMO it should also work on most other Linux systems out there.

Since the player requires Qt4 and this is currently AFAIK not shipped with any of the major distributions and only hardmasked in Gentoo I had to compile it from source. So I got the bz2 package from or precisely from here.

After extracting the package came the compiling part:

./configure --prefix=/opt/qt4 -qt-gif


make install # as root

This will compile and install Qt4 into /opt/qt4 (so that it won’t mess with my Qt 3.x installation).

Now that Qt4 was installed, I downloaded the player’s sourcecode from here, extracted it and started compiling it:

export QTDIR=/opt/qt4




After a minute I had the “player” executable in the same directory :) That’s it.