Back and got a PSP

Some of you might have noticed that there were no new articles published here for about 2 weeks … guess what?! I finally went on some vacation, this time to Denmark. In the next couple of days I will try to upload more or less all of my photos of this nice journey at flickr and also write a small article about this whole trip :)

Today also was the European release date of Sony’s PSP which I’ve really anticipated for the … well, since the whole system was announced about 2 years ago. The pricing was no suprise as wasn’t the list of launch titles, so I will skip that. I bought WipeoutPure and really enjoyed the first 2 hours with it. But then I wanted to download the addons that are available for it and Sony managed to get on my nerves yet again: You need Windows or Mac to download the content… and why? Simply because they had to implement some Java application that first has to check that you have your PSP plugged into your PC/Mac…. at least I don’t see another reason yet. Thanks Sony, no I will have to get on some people’s nerves too everytime I see something nice on your homepage… Was this really necessary?