Since everyone seems to be obligated to write about it and now even Michael Arrington on TechCrunch: Here also my 5cent (european ones). What is it? Basically a pocketmod is nothing more than a folded piece of paper with designated pages. This piece of paper can be filled with 8 fields (8 pages) for example for contact information, todo lists and so on using a nice Flash application. When you’re done with your pocket book simply hit the print button and start folding and cutting it.

Since I normally always have at least one sheet of paper in my pocket this actually comes quite handy and gives me some basic organisation for this note paper. But I also have some small problems with it: The result is only available as Letter and not also in the DIN A4 format. Also the grid guides are IMO a little bit too strong. But apart from these two points it really appears to be quite usable :)