The Revolution of controlling games?

If you’re into games you’ve probably already heard about this new controller thing by Nintendo for their upcoming console codenamed “Revolution”. For those of you who haven’t: Here’s the gamespot article about it.

Now to my 2cent: IMO the idea is good, making the whole controller more accessible to people who normally don’t play video games, but on the other hand, I’m not so sure, if the controller is the only thing that keeps those people from playing ;) While I can imagine all kind of intesting new controll schemes appearing like using the pointing device as view controller for FPS games, I also fear that the Revolution will get flooded with games like Wario Inc.. One or two mini games collections each season is nice but with a controller so focused on haptive stuff … I just hope that Nintendo and the 3rd parties won’t forget those players who want to play “classic” games like normal FPS games or 2d beat’em ups.

My other concern are the periperals for the pointing device unit. After the next generation ends I simply fear that there will be way too many different peripherals available. Every game with a half decent new idea would come up with its own peripheral unit make the games even more expensive then they are today.