First PSP budget title

Konami now announced, that they want to release a “Best of Konami” edition of the round based strategy game “Metal Gear Acid” this November in Japan. This step marks the introduction of budget games on the handheld market and will hopefully also lead to Sony making a Platinum series for the PSP.

You can read more about this announcement on <a href="">

Since I now have a PSP and partially hold back a little bit with buying games because of the quite high prices, this is definitely a step that I can only welcome. Considering that the release line-up here in Europe had some excellent games that I’m still looking forward to buy, I hope that Sony won’t wait too long with the start of the Platinum series. Ignoring for now that Sony hasn’t made an announcement in this direction yet (at least none that I know about), I’ve still composed a short list of games that I would really love to play but can hold back long enough for them to become Platinum (at least if Sony will operate in a timeframe comparable to the PS2 Platinum series ;) )

  • Ridge Racer

  • Lumines

  • Virtua Tennis

  • Metal Gear Acid

Since I’ll probably buy Burnout Legends next week and GTA Liberty City Stories is also just around the corner I will probably wait for all these games to become Platinum before getting them. Now I can only hope, that Sony doesn’t wait too long with the announcement of a Platinum series ;)