Since Opera comes with a builtin greasemonkey-like system I decided to play around with it a little bit and started to fixing one of the annoyances I came across on the Gamespot forums: When you try to access the last reply to a topic, the forum will only give you the page this post was made on and won’t send you down to it. Fixing this was actually not a really a problem that’s why I also grant this little script to the public domain ;-)

If you don’t know what links I’m talking about: Here is a small reminder :-)

Last reply link

The small UserJS script I’ve written yesterday basically appends to each of these links the reference to the anchor tag of the last post so that the browser will focus on the last post of the topic :-)

I’ve so far tested the script with Opera 8.50 and Firefox 1.0.x using Greasemonkey 0.5.3 and it works in both. If you find a bug or just want to give some feedback, please post below :-)


Update: I’ve now also tried it with Greasemonkey 0.6.2 and at least for me it also works with this new beta version :)

Update 2: Just found, registered and uploaded this script there. I’m always open for votes ;)