Two days ago Rollyo has come out of private beta and now offers everyone who wants it customizable and topic oriented search facilites. How does it work? I’ll try to explain it with an example:

You want to search let’s say video game related sites for a specific game. In google or yahoo you would simply enter the name of the game (and perhaps some other stuff to help the engine give you more useful results). You’d still get enough junk back and have to filter the resultset manually for sites you already know and “trust”.

Here is where Rollyo tries to make a difference: You enter video games sites yourself into a list of up to 25 sites that should be searched so you can be quite sure, that you only get “relevant” results without the tons of adverticing you normally get when using “normal” search engines.

After playing around with it a little bit I have to say, that it works really well :) There are still some areas that could be improved like linking to specific searches etc. but after a quick mail-conversation wtih Rollyo it seems like something like that is already in development :)