SSX On Tour demo for the PS2

Today I had the chance to get my hands on a demo version of SSX On Tour and Need For Speed: Most Wanted for the Playstation 2 and while I’ve currently quite a lot of work and a lot of problem with my PC hardware I still got around giving it at least SSX a try :)

On the demo disc I got in my favorite store there are basically 2 events available:

  • A style event where you have to get more points then your rival (simply the other of the two players you can choose when starting the game ;) )

  • A race event on the same track

Both events feel very much like in SSX3 which is really not a bad thing :) but also with more obstacles on the tracks. For example there was (like in one of the first tracks in 1080° Avalache) some kind of restaurant/hotel-complex on the track which you stairs can be used as a ramp.

The other major new aspect I’ve noticed in this very short demo is the styline of everything starting with the menus and ending with the OSD. Everything comes in a very grafiti-like look which IMO is definitely a matter of taste. Well, I guess I’ll wait for the final version and then decide if I like this new style, but it definitely won’t change my opinion of the game after playing this demo: I can’t wait for its release ;)