First 2 days in Amsterdam

After having quite a stresful day on Sunday getting to Amsterdam monday in fact was quite relaxing. I toured a little bit through the town noticing that the city got a little bit smaller since my last visit ;) Since there was only one event in the evening I just went into the Krasnapolsky hotel where the con is held to get my package and then walk a little bit around. I also took the opportunity to do a little bit reconnaissance to find a fast way to get to Rembrandtplein in the afternoon to meet with Stefan. Well, 10 minutes to get there from the con-hotel IMO isn’t really bad ;)

Anyway, after meeting with Stefan I went to the first Evening Event of the EuroOSCON where first Larry Wall held a presentation of the latin alphabet ;-) Then Damian Conway hacked in 5 more or less dead languages … one of them being latin g Really a great and very entertaining presentation. I can’t wait to get the slides ;)

Time to go to bed… for me at least. Somehow here in Amsterdam everything is a little bit different. Streetworks at night? Windows like paper, blocking no sound out all? The alls letting every bit of sound from the elevator in? Ok, not a lot of sleep that night, but apart from that my hotel is really great :) I couldn’t afford getting a room in the Krasnapolsky but I found a hotel right next to it ;)

The next morning held some nice keynotes for example by Tim O’Reilly and my favorite on by Jeff Waugh from Ubuntu where he also explains the reasoning behind the dialog guidelines in GNOME.

Then came a presentation about the Drupal API and extending network hardware.

Finally lunch ;) Great curry-chicken soup, great meals in general :)

In the afternoon I watched some really nice presentations about how to improve website caching just with Apache (2.0) modules used/developed by The Register and the BBC. The last session I attended yesterday was about LDAP and how to use it. Really interesting for me since I was never all that sure for what I personally could use it :)

Well, that’s it for yesterday since I somehow forgot that the evening event that day was at 1800 and not at 1930 like the day before ;)

Probably tonight or somewhen tomorrow I will also write about the sessions I attended / will attend today :)

P.S.: You get a 20% price-off on all O’Reilly books here, so I got myself a copy of “Agile Webdevelopment on Rails” and already started messing a little bit around with it ;)