EuroOSCON over ... I'm late :(

First of all: Sorry, but I wasn’t able to post my comments about the last 2 days of the EuroOSCON as promised in my previous post, but I was all the time on the hunt for some handkerchief replacement since I had none left anymore and the air condition nearly killed me :-?

Anyway: The last 2 days of the EuroOSCON were really great :) In this post I want to comment Wednesday (19th Oct.) while probably my next post will focus on the last day :) For me the best event was the Maker Faire event in the evening, but first things first.

Scaling, Securing and Deploying PHP : Lerdorf

Nice presentation by Rasmus Lerdorf with IMO perhaps a little bit too much focus on PHP basics. If you announce a security and deployment focused session IMO you should normally already be able to expect people to know the basics. Just my 2ร‚ยข :)

Firefox: Mainstreaming Open Source : Goodger

Quite marketing focused where Ben Goodger presented what Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation/Corporation do and have done to make Firefox a buzzword.

svk: Version Control without the Headaches : Kao

subversion+ ? Well, perhaps :) It definitely sounded quite interesting but for my taste Perl applications still have too many module dependencies ;)

Buildings Apps with Subversion : Stein

Puh, using Subversion to manage a Wiki without making external syscalls and things like that. Sweet but very technical.... which isn't bad ;)

Descriptors, Decorators, Metaclasses: Python's "Black Magic"? : Martelli

Hardcore Python ... for my taste a little bit too hardcore since my brain shut off after the first 3 slides ;)

Shielding and Exposing Innovation : Lefkowitz

In my opinion one of the greatest session of the EuroOSCON. Robert M. Lefkowitz explained in a very refreshing the history of innovation and patents. And that being innovation can get you into prison ;)

As already mentioned, that evening’s event was simply great: At the Maker Faire O’Reilly presented some projects published in their Make magazine including really great stuff like - a home gateway / TV solution - and Second Life - a virtual realtity where people have more or less every freedom and can for example construct new objects, events etc. using a powerful scripting environment. You can also buy land there ;)

O’Reilly also offered free copies of the current issue of their Make magazine :D … and finally free beer ;)