EuroOSCON: The last day ;)

Late again. Sorry for that but I had quite a lot to do. Anyway: The last day was rather unspectacular but nevertheless very interesting:


While all keynotes were good (esp. the one about Ruby on Rails ;)) my personal highlight was definitely and once again the speech of Damian Conway presenting his new business idea ;)

Developing with Mono : Dumbill

Basically a short introduction in Mono by the author of the Developer's Notebook on Mono. Really nice and ...well, I bought his book right after lunch and started messing around with it on the day I got home ;)

Tastes Like Freedom: GNOME and Ubuntu : Waugh

Jeff Waugh introduced a few Gnome and Mono-related projects as well as Ubuntu. As always entertaining ;)

Learning Haskell : Tang

Functional programming is sick... *g* I don't have to say anything else about it ;)

Europe's Coming Broadcast Flag : Doctorow

Great speech with enough emotion to bring everyone onto the barricades.

Well, that’s it. Great con with perhaps a little bit to little relation to European projects … but great muffins ;)