Considering Switch(R)ing ;)

Last friday Armin gave us in the office a short tour of some nice and some sweet and some simply hot things you can do with your Mac (on his Powerbook) which made me (once again) think about switching from a Linux-based to a MacOSX-based notebook. From what I’ve seen MacOS is like the perfect combination of userfriendlyness and hackability. But there are currently two things that are holding me back:

  1. The price: Powerbooks are simply way more expensive than let's say a comparable Dell Inspiron.

  2. The announced switch from PowerPC to Intel-based architecture. While I'm not the least interested in the hardware aspects of this switch, I'm not so sure about the software. Will I have to buy a new Powerbook/iBook by the end of 2007 to be able to get new software and OS updates? I read something about "Universal Binaries" which are there to support both platforms, but who will prevent company XYZ from dropping PowerPC support by the end of 2007? Ok, it's two years, but I plan to use my laptop for at least 3 to 4 years...

IMO a really bad situation I’m currently in, since I’ll definitely need a new notebook soon :-(