Welcome to zerokspot v4.0 :)

New look and some new features :)

  • Transparent PNGs: For the last couple of years I wanted to use them in a website but always avoided them since IE pretty much messes them up if it encounters them. This time I simply had no motivation to wait for IE7 ;) The small link in the lower right corner should give every IE6.x user a small hint about the problems related with the current (and previous versions) of Internet Explorer ;)

  • Tags not internal: Since couple of months I used Technorati Tags as well as internal tags. Since this is for my taste a waste of space the only tags you will see in my posts here are internal ones (that can nontheless also be used when searching on Technorati ;) )

  • A dedicated review section (ok, the link should hopefully work soon ;) )

  • No gravatars anymore? Honestly I’m not yet sure, if I should activate them again or not. We will see :)

  • No separated docs section anymore! At least for now. During the next couple of days I will move them here since I want to use this weblog as my sole source for articles.

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P.S.: I will reactivate the gatekeeper plugin right away. Totally forgot about it :(

Here also congratulation to all the other CSSRebooters and the people behind CSSReboot :)