Some small changes

I was quite happy with v4.1 as long as CSSReboot wasn’t there, but now I thought the header was way too high so I made it a little bit smaller :) If you prefer the old style, simply select it from the “View” -> “Page Styles” menu in Firefox :)

Some other changes that came into my mind all area about pushing the content-section even more up and removing the header. Well, perhaps in v4.2 or v4.3 ;)

About the whole docs thing: I’m currently not sure what I should do. On the one side I really like writing articles in DocBook or LaTeX but on the other hand it’s quite hard to decide what should become a weblog article and what not. So for now I will probably leave the articles as they were and write everything new here. In the end I can still port it to DocBook/LaTeX if I’m motivated ;)