Thunderbird and MacOSX's Address Book using LDAP?

Has anyone other there already tried to use LDAP as some kind of compatibility layer between Mozilla Thundebird and Tiger’s Address Book? I’m currently thinking about using Thunderbird (after getting a Powerbook first ;) ) since seems not to support SOCKS proxies. But a shared address book would really be nice so I’m currently looking for options. Thanks to the Thunderbird documentation I now have some information on the LDAP schema used by Thunderbird, so I now need some documentation on what schema Apple’s Address Book uses. If the information I’ve found here is still accurate, then at least the fields that are important for me (cn and mail) exist in both schemes. This should IMO do it.

Well, since I’m still only planing to get a Mac this is all just theoretical thinking, but I simply want to have everything ready when I get such a shiny small thingy ;)

If anyone has some information about how and if this would work please let me know :)