NextGen consoles? Not yet for me ;)

After at least starting to listen to the latest “The Hot Spot” podcast by the Gamespot crew and browsing through various forums I still don’t see why everyone is all so eager to get a Xbox360 or a PS3. Honestly they don’t offer me anything really new but just more of the same and that more expensive.

While I was more than happy to get my hands on a PSP (and am still hoping a get a NintendoDS soon) because it offered me something new, the new home console generation and esp. the Xbox360 only give you something new if you have a good internet connection. Besides that I also think it to be stupid that at least the Xbox360 will be released in multiple editions with none of them being really cheap (but somehow I get the feeling that Sony and Nintendo will do similiar things).

So nothing new on this end, but there are other reasons for me not to be really excited about the next generation consoles. First I’m not all too excited having to deal with yet another stupid copy protection / DRM system which will probably included with BluRay/HDDVD. And there are also still enough interesting games for me on the current consoles. I’m just thinking about games like “Tales of Eternia” which will be released this week for the PSP and “Soul Calibur 3” which is according to Gamespot not great but still a solid SC game. Just to name a few but there are simply too many interesting games still out there for me to keep me from investing into another generation of hardware.

If I’d have to choose now between one of the next generation consoles (gun pointed at my head etc.) I’d probably go with the Revolution simply because it will offer some new gameplay mechanics thanks to the new controller. Still, given the recent history of Nintendo games, I probably won’t be all that happy with it.

Ok, I admit it: My current laptop currently falling apart is also not a small reason for me to save a little money after having ordered my first Mac ;)