Refusing to buy Sony-BMG AudioCDs in the future

Well, I guess by now everyone out there already knows that Sony-BMG is using RootKits to enforce their DRM on AudioCDs in the US. Now they’ve also announced that they are planing to use this method also in Europe and the RootKits used by SonyBMG also seem to work on Macs. The last two announcements were basically just some kind of bonus. I simply refuse to buy software, that shouldn’t even exist and that is simply there to keep me from using a product I’ve paid for the way I want to. Sorry Sony, but if I buy a AudioCD, I want to use its content not only in a system you want me to use, but also for example in my little iAudio G3 and I really don’t want it to telephone home and tell you what kind of music I’m listening to and I really don’t want you to mess with my system. It’s mine, not yours.

Your methods are nothing else than espionage, invasion of my privacy and damaging of my property on purpose.

On the other hand I want to congratulate Sony: You make it way too easy to not like you and to search for other ways to get music. So for the future it will be quite simple for me: When I see on Amazon or in my local record store that a CD is published or (the boolean) produced by Sony-BMG, I won’t buy it, no matter how much I want the music. And whenever I this is the case, I will also write a mail to the artists and inform them about why I didn’t buy their work.