PSP + NintendoDS

Just about 2 months ago, to be precise on its release date, I bought a Sony PSP with Wipeout Pure since I thought back then that it’s simply the superior handheld gaming device. Since that date basically not a single really good game was released. Ok, maybe Burnout Legends although it was at least for me quite disappointing. Up to this point I’ve never seen a game with that many bugs and glitches in it. From broken physics to crashbugs, I had everything. There was also simply nothing really new in it since most of the tracks were simply ported from Burnout 3.

Well, but after playing SSX On Tour for the PS2 for the last couple of weeks I was looking for something new and since the loading at each start of the game kind of really annoyed me, I wanted to have a handheld game again since then I can simply put the whole thing into standby mode. Just too bad that there is simply no game for the PSP that I’m currently interested in and there probably won’t be any games that fit this criterium until somewhen next year. Great. So what now?

Quite simple: Today I went to my local store and got myself a copy of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. And since I don’t have a DS yet, I got one too ;) Currently the DS simply has far more intersting games for me, starting with Advance Wars: Dual Strike and going to the new Mario Kart, which will be released here somewhen next week. Also that Kirby game could be quite entertaining :)

Well, now I’m 24 and Nintendo being only something for the kids… well, if it is so, then by all means: I’m still a kid ;) I simply like colourful games, I like Anime, I like Manga and I like platformers. Since there is not a single decent platformer available on the PSP and most of the games are far too “dark” for my taste, the DS is a great alternative for me. Still: For racing games (not including Mario Kart) I’ll probably still prefer the PSP.