Amazon doing what Sony BMG should have done

One may think about Amazon whatever pleases but they sometimes really simply know what has to be done and also exactly the right time for doing it. Seems like they are currently contacting customers who bought one of the XCP-enhanced Sony CDs and offers them refundation for returning it (unopened or opened!). While Sony’s currently AFAIK only recalling unsold copies of the malware-including CDs Amazon shows in my eyes the appropriate degree of customer service … and I don’t mean appropriate for Amazon since it should be Sony’s job to do this and not the resellers.

But since Amazon is doing it … well, think about it :) For me it’s just yet another confirmation, that Amazon is simply an amazing and customer-friendly online store.

Link to the full letter on

Btw.: If you’re looking for more information and updates on the whole SonyBMG/XCP/MediaMax store, the EFF and BoingBoing are always a good addresses. There are also dedicated weblogs like and boycottsony out there.

On a sidenote: Seems like Sony has finally released a list of all CDs that contain the XCP-system. Thanks to for that link. At least there doesn’t seem to be any artist that I like “affected” ;)