Introducing the Light theme stylesheet

For the last couple of months I’ve been playing around with some ideas on how to make a really light and simple theme. Well, and here you can see the result of it :) At least the header part is heavily inspired by the chameleon-theme that is bundled with Drupal, which I really like. Its simplicity and lean way really amazed me.

Another thing: You’ve probably noticed that there is no longer some kind of blogroll in the menu with links to sites of some friends and colleagues. Well, to say it straight: I’ve probably lost this list while playing around with v4. Since the list was more or less outdated anyway I will simply recreate it in a couple of days :) Sorry for this.

And yet another thing: If you find a typo or wrong usage of an english phrase in one of my posts, please contact me by commenting to the offending post or e-mail me. I’m mainly writing this blog in english to improve my knownledge of this language, so I’d really appreciate and help :)