Big Mac day

Nope, I’m not writing about my last lunch at MacD today, but more about these 2 little boxes that finally arrived today :) Finally, after nearly 3 weeks ;) But everything seems to work so far, but I haven’t tested everything yet. Since I’m completely new to MacOS and Apple stuff in general there is much to explore. After being able to connect to my NFS server within 2 hours and getting online wihin another hour I think I’m passed the biggest obstacles.

Probably my biggest problem is the keyboard and shortcut layout, though. Esp. the placement of the @ sign and the | (pipe) are really thing that will take time getting used to. Another minor thing that is bugging me: How can you uninstall software? Does the publisher have to include some uninstaller or is there some more or less automatic way to do it? If not, is there something like a big registry were programs put there settings into or is it just the Library folder? Would be great to know esp. since I’m currently installing software and messing around with the configuration of this nice little box like a madman. ;)

But apart from these things I’m really really happy that I got a Mac :) And the moment I find the USB-cable of my Digicam I will post some photos ;)