Browsers for MacOSX

I’m currently in a small dillema: There are – as on every platform – quite many webbrowsers available for MacOS X to choose from. First I started playing with Safari since it’s preinstalled and looks quite decent. Then I used Camino for about 4 days nearly exclusively. And now I’m back with good old Firefox ;)

Why is that? Well, in the next couple of paragraphs I will briefly describe what browsers I’ve tried and why I like or don’t like them.

Let’s start with Safari since it’s naturally the first browser I’ve tested. Fast, mediocre to good RSS support, no WYSIWYG (at least as far as I can tell). Well, this already sums it up more or less but there is one big facture missing: I’m not really able to script as deep as I could with things like UserJS or Greasemonkey. So it’s an option for me but not my first choice even if it passes ACID2 ;)

Next was Camino: Very fast, no RSS support at all, good keyboard shortcuts, good bookmarks management (~Safari?), WYSIWYG, no Greasemonkey. So if I’m looking for a very fast browser with gecko engine, this would definitely my first choice for MacOSX if it had some way to be scripted. Another problem I had with it is, that if you have enough open tabs, some will simply disappear from the tab bar since they don’t fit in it anymore :-?

Currently I’m using Firefox for the same reasons as I’ve always like it before: Fast (it feels slower than Camino though esp. thanks to the slow startup time), WYSIWYG, Greasemonkey ;) . The downside with it is the missing AppleScript support (which also seems to be limited to non-existing in Camino) and the missing integration of the system proxy settings.

Well, these are all the browsers I’ve tried so far. Next will probably be Opera (although I don’t expect any suprises since I already know it quite well). If you know other free (and preferably FOSS) browsers for MacOSX please let me know :)