EGM subscription?

A few years ago I had a real problem: I was literally addicted to video games magazines. Every month I bought IIRC 3 to 5 magazines which basically required all the money I had, so I couldn’t even buy games anymore. Ok, that was just a little bit exaggerated. Let’s say I bought more than necessary :) I even got some magazines from the US (EGM, Inside (RIP)) simply because I liked how they wrote about all that stuff.

The rescue came in two steps: (1) I simply realized how much paper was lying around each month that was more or less worthless after half a year. And a few years later (2) I found GameSpot and subscribed to it for reasons that I not really relevant to that whole story hear ;) I got everything I wanted for a quarter or less the money it would have took for one print magazine.

But still, from time to time I feel like gettting a magazine but am always disappointed by the quite low quality (at least in my eyes) of the local gaming magazines. They reviews are written describing the story with only let’s say a single paragraph to say what’s good and bad about the game … well, the thing that normally makes you buy these magazines in the first place. If you want to hear the background story you simply check out the ads and the publisher’s website, right?

As a birthday present I got 2 magazines: Last months EGM and GamePro from the USA. While I’m not yet through the gamepro issue I read the EGM twice. I simply love their style of writing reviews: To the point. Fetch 3 people from the staff and let them write their thought about a game. Simply great idea in my opinion. I enjoyed reading it that much that I’m currently even thinking about maybe subscribing.

Hell, even the price is interesting since it’s 36USD per year for non-US customers. Has anyone of you a subscription of EGM and is not living in the USA? I’d be really interested in hearing some stories about the whole payment/billing thing :)