MS teaming up with MTV to battle iTunes?

According to this Microsoft seems to have reached an agreement with MTV to create a service directly battling Apple’s iTunes. That actually made me chuckle … I mean, I don’t know what MTV is like in the USA or anywhere else in the world, but the german version is simply trash. It’s like you have to make a party everytime they actually play a music video. All the time you get only cheap shows and mediocre to really simply stupid cartoons.

I’m currently actually as far as not even considering a service anymore if MTV is somehow involved. Another thing is: I really like iTunes. I like how it works and I like their pricing model. Ignoring the fact that Apple already has quite a fanbase because of their iPod and iTunes stuff which shows that there has to be something they’re doing right, I simply doubt that the combination of MTV and MS will be able to achieve something similiar. And even if they do, they will have exactly the same problems iTunes currently has: You can’t simply go to the let’s say Japanese store and buy some music while being a customer from Austria, simply because of the taxes (and other monetary related problems). The other thing is, that iPod because something like a cult object and I seriously doubt MS top that.