Poor US-gamers. They have to share with the Japanese ;)

Well, to make it short. I just listened to the latest episodes of the 1up and GameSpot podcasts where both were basically whining about the whole Xbox360 launch in Japan and why waste the units over there when in the US there aren’t enough units in stock to please everyone… I actually think this is quite funny since normally only players in Europe (and probably also Australia) are on the losing end of basically any equation made in the gaming industry. Remember when the PSP was launched in the US and it wasn’t sold out as fast as Sony had expected and European gamers had to wait for half a year for the European launch? Welcome to the world of people making strange decisions, my dear friends in the USA ;)

On the other side it was IMO really just another strange idea by MS to launch the Xbox360 (just like the Xbox) in Japan without having all that many games that would normally be interesting for Japanese players. I’m talking about RPGs and games with at least remotely new ideas that are also intersting for offline-gamers. Perhaps this will change in the long run but at least the start was really bad …

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