Weekend events

Not really much to talk about. Today I started messing around with Objective-C because I want to write a small plugin for QuickSilver. Well, the whole language looks to me like a big hack that seems to be derived from some pre-processor madness (no offense) ;) But apart from that … or perhaps because of that it’s quite entertaining :) It took me nearly two hours to find out that I had to link everything with -framework Foundation (thanks allan). Part of why it took so long is definitely my lack of routine in *C* programming … and playing around with the UK-keymap.

I also played a little bit around with the Drupal module API since I want to use Drupal for one of my future websites which will hopefully appear on the net somewhen early next year or even during the holidays. If you know me, you know it can takes just minutes or it will never happen at all ;) Anyway: The Drupal node API looks really nice. Creating a whole new content node seems really just to be a matter of preparing the db-table for it and writing a few short functions. Tomorrow… today I will probably find out, how dirty things are possible with that :)

Well then, good night :)