Christmas time = Support time

Since it’s Xmas-time and I finally also have some days of rest before the whole work/university stress starts in the new year. Before going to the University my primary web activity was visiting games bulletin boards reading the latest gossip no serious website or print magazine would dare publishing. It was actually quite entertaining back then, so since I’m currently quite into games once again I also use my free time now to visit some of these boards and some new ones.

… thought it would be fun, but actually currently it’s really boring. Every 2nd post (on take for example the 1up/Gamespot PSP or Gamespot forum) is about little Jonny not being able to put some background onto his PSP or not getting WiFi to work in Mario Kart DS. The annoying thing about this is, that all of this has been discussed before… heck, it’s most of the time even on the same page. Yesterday for example I read a post where someone was asking how he can powerslide in MarioKart DS. It’s not like this is written in the manual or something! If there’s just one or two posts like this on one page it wouldn’t be really annoying, but they are all over the place!

I know it’s basically the same problem all over the year with people now being able to search, read the manual first and things like that, but in holiday seasons it definitely reaches the extreme esp. when it comes to video games were more kids are involved then anywhere else on the web.

Hopefully all these forums out there will at least give the poor people on the various support hotlines a small buffer :)


Sorry people, I simply need this once in a while :)