Favorite x of the year: s/x/Star Trek book/

During the last week you probably saw dozens if not hundreds of posts about what various people thought were the best things in 2005. Since the year now officially ended I also want to be part of this series ;) So let’s start with books. Ok, this category is probably mis-titled since all I read or some technical and many many Star Trek books, so I think it’s better to call this category “Star Trek books”. This is about books that I read this year and doesn’t necessarily mean, that they were released in 2005 … just wanted to clarify this ;)

This decision is quite hard since I read many great books starting with the “A time to…” series and also the SCE paperbacks, as series that I really started to love esp. thanks to the completely new set of characters. Then Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin wrote two books about the new command of former Enterprise’s first officer William Riker: The U.S.S. Titan, which really suprised me with its mixed up crew and old and new friends.

During the summer holidays I needed some books for my trip to Denmark , a time were I read most of the “A time to…” series and also the “Homecoming” miniseries telling the story of what happened when the Voyager finally came home.

Star Trek Books: Books read in 2005

##Favorite Book

This award definitely belongs to “Articles of the Federation”, a book that was completely different from all the other Star Trek books I’ve read so far. It tells the story of the newly elected Federation President Nan Bacco and introduces the reader to the politics behind the UFP. Since normally everything is about Starfleet and their mission of exploration and defense it was really refreshing to read about the politics that are normally only background stories at best.

Keith R. DeCandido wrote with “Articles of the Federation” a book, which I can without any problem recommend to any Star Trek fan out there.

Star Trek Books: Book of 2005

##Favorite Series

It’s quite hard for me to choose between “A time to…” and the SCE but I think I will go with the “Starfleet Corps of Engineers” series for this award. While all “A time to…” stories were intersting, I somehow lost interest in the TNG crew over the years. On the other side there is the Da Vinci with its completely new crew and currently 59 short stories (eBook) and 7 paperbacks. The adventures with Cmd. Gomez and Lt.Cmd. Duffy simply felt more intersting and refreshing compared to those of the TNG crew. Just too bad, that no new pocket book has been released since May :-(

Star Trek Books: Series of 2005

##Most promising series for 2006

I’d say, this award belongs to “Star Trek: Titan”. … I won’t write all that much about it since I’ve already done so here, but let me say this: If the series continues like this, it will probably become my favorite series of 2006 :)

Star Trek Books: Most promising series for 2006