Virgin learned nothing from SonyBMG drama?

Seems that way. According to Virgin appears to be putting some auto-install stuff on the current Coldplay CDs.

The first time that this program is used […] it gets registered in Windows […]

Well, if this is authentic its really ridiculous. But somehow I get this feeling that there is something wrong with this whole screenshot/scan/photo/whatever.

  1. Since when do you burn CDs on a harddisk?

  2. In #11: What is a Windows File?

  3. “Windows OS also uses the latest files” ? What files?

  4. “This CD does not support Macintosh PC software”? Uhmm….

Somehow half of the statement sound a little bit fishy to me. Can anybody please confirm that this is authentic?

EDIT: Ok, it may be real, but it’s simply ridiculous IMO.