No Windows Media Player 10 for MacOSX? What about Office?

At least it seems this way according to the Software Journal. They are even advertising the new Flip4Mac WMV player on the Windows Media Player download page. So after leaving the browser market now also when it comes to multimedia MacOSX seems now to be part of the Microsoft-free zone. I honestly prefer to watch WMV files using a component for Quicktime instead of having to install yet another player and I never even considered using IE for MacOS but on the other hand I considered getting MS Office for Mac. And even if not, there are enough people out there who still prefer it over all the other alternatives out there. I won’t start a discussion here about MS Office itself and about its quality since this would sooner or later end in price-tag-throwing. But even if I had really considered getting MS Office for Mac, now I would definitely go with an alternative product. A few months ago MS fans still had the IE and the WMP and Office for Mac, and now only Office is left. How can we tell, if MS isn’t going to pull the plug also on its last real product for Mac?!

Sure, there were some announcements of continuing support for Mac and there’s also the whole story about the Rossetta project were MS and Adobe might be involved, but somehow I get the feeling that MS-on-Apple is near its end… something that could have at least this advantage: Sun would finally have lost its last excuse for not speding more time and effort into porting StarOffice and OpenOffice ;)