Dan Hsu inteviewing Peter Moore

You know the type of interview you normally see in a gaming magazine where everybody is friendly, there’s no subtility and you get the impression that the interview is actually just a show? Yeah, me too and it’s my main reason why I normally don’t read any interview in a gaming magazine and anywhere else.

But yesterday I read this headline in my newsreader: “EGM Hits Peter Moore Hard”. Since I’m currently still considering subscribing to this magazine (well, paying for each and every imported issue is just a rip-off and nothing else) this definitely caught my interest. So I read on eventually followed the link in this article to the interview with Peter Moore on 1up.com.

The first part of the inteview is actually your usual “What was it like to …” and “What is your favorite …”, but then Peter Moore states, that his favorite launch titles of the XBox360 is Kameo and both start talking about that he actually would have liked to see better reviews for the game and the whole atmosphere seems to change. A small side note here: Yes, I’m just interpreting this interview, so these are just my feelings I had during thie interview :)

Later the interview is about the question, if what’s currently available on the Xbox360 is really next generation or at least HD, in my opinion something you wouldn’t do in this length while doing an interview with somehow as high in the food-chain of the MS Game Studios as Moore. But exactly things like that made this interview so interesting for me. Finally asking the more ugly questions. Actually I was wondering myself if the 360 is truely nextgen. Sure, you have slightly better graphics to really better graphics and you have those experience points which I actually is a great thing (although I don’t think it’s really that new ;)), but is the next generation really just about better graphics and getting the whole thing online? I mean … is the leap from what Xbox live was and the XB live now really that huge to call it nextgen? I somehow don’t think so, but I can just talk observing the whole thing from the audience space since I currently can’t really afford an Xbox360 nor the ISP costs for XB live.

… Ok, back to the interview and to sum this up: Read it :D

I just hope that I will finally find the time to make up my mind about if I now want to get a subscription of EGM or not, but this interview will definitely help with this decision.