Star Trek: Titan - Orion's Hounds

Just one thing before I start writing about the 3rd entry in the Titan series: I will probably start writing about every single book I buy this year and if it’s just for one single reason: When I made the topic about my Star Trek book of 2005 I had a big problem: I had actually now clue, what books I’ve read last year so I just picked the ones where I was quite sure that I’d got them in 2005. This time things should become easier with a post for each and every book I care to write about (I somehow doubt that any other book will become my book of 2006 ;)).

So now to “Orion’s Hounds”. The whole story is about the entities the Enterprise-D met during their first mission on Farpoint. As you will perhaps remember from that episode, they are a species that can communicate via telepathy so this story highly puts Deanna Troi into the spotlight.

The Titan is about to explore a region of space where the so called star-jellies live and are hunted by the first really new species introduced by the Titan series: the Pa’haquel. Ok, they are not really the first new species of the new ones but the species introduced in the SMC adventure, I think, will never really appear again while here the whole thing smells like a re-appearing species somehow similiar to the Kazon in Voyager or the Q in TNG.

Besides the main plot, where you get to know all of Titan’s telepaths the whole crew is more introduces with all their small and big personal and profession problems. It’s actually really interesting to see how so different species like the water-breathing Ensign Lavena and the new chief engineer Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii can … co-exist *g* not to forget a certain doctor who understands the hippocratic oath a little bit … differently.

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