Reading next: Bulletproof Web Design

I bought this book somewhen during the Christmas holidays but so far had no time to read more than 10 pages or something like that. With all of my exams for this semester quickly approaching I somehow doubt that I can afford reading another Star Trek book now since time passes by far too quickly when reading a novel ;) So I will simply grab this book from the shelf now and try to get through it while not having a negative effect on my learning speed.

After reading through the first couple of pages I’m really curious and what comes next. It’s once again that Cederholm-style of explaining everything in a very logical order and telling not only what is good but also what is bad and describing in detail why. This was basically my main reason for getting this book in the first place and … the more I write here, the more I want to get started reading some pages of Bulletproof Web Design before finally going to bed ;)