Top 5 Albums to Code By

Ryan Mears of wanted to know, what people are listening to while coding. Well, and since no one answered within a few hours, here are my top 5 ;)

  1. Andy Hunter - Life

  2. Quarashi - Jinx

  3. Andy Hunter - Exodus

  4. Evanescence - Fallen

  5. Ayumi Hamasaki - My Story

The last two albi are just in this list because it’s called “Top 5 Albums …” so there have to be 5 of them and because I used to listen to them while coding. But currently most of the music I’m listening to while coding comes from Andy Hunter and Quarashi perhaps with some other music to come when I find some time to browse the itunes store once again not to mention when I finally decide to get something with more storage capacity than my current iAudio G3.