Things I'm missing on Newsvine

First of all thanks to Natalie Jost for inviting me to, that new news site nearly everyone out there is talking/writing about.

Since I’ve got that invitation I think last sunday, Newsvine has become my primary source for let’s call it the traditional news which is for me basically everything that’s not coming from a blog or a bulletin board ;) It’s simply a great way to get everything from one source and thanks to the quite international community in there you also get very international news (for example I think there were at least 2 articles about Austria there today ;)).

But this also brings up my first point of criticism: Newsvine in the main menubar only divides US news from World news. In my opinion, given the quite internation atmosphere and simply because I haven’t seen it on any other community-driven news page out there, it would be great, if there was a section for each continent … I think it’s a safe bet to keep Antarctica out of that though. Newsvine already has some specific sections for the bigger cities in the US and London to provide regional news so in my opinion it would be just a logical step to open this up to all regions in the world without having hundreds of sections in the beginning.

The other idea is more or less directly related to this: Some people on Newsvine are writing in French, some in German. Wouldn’t it be cool, if there were sections for all the major languages out there? Just for starters, I mean ;) In the end it would be nice to have a truely international site were people from all over the world write quality articles in their native language what ever this might be.

Apart from that I’m really happy with Newsvine esp. since it’s thanks to the invite-only policy still quite … crap-free. Most of the things that end up in my newsreader are still interesting. I’m simply missing the internationalization of community-based news sites ;)