Metal Gear ACID! == Black hole for free time

It’s been rather quiet here for the last couple of days and I have to disappoint you: I have not done anything really useful to save mankind or things like that. All I did was play Metal Gear ACID! basically all the time since I had the last exam for this semester. Damn, I even have a MGA wallpaper now as my desktop’s background image … Anyway, there were definitely some things planed for this weekend before I started playing ACID:

  • Getting around the problems technorati seems to have with indexing my books blog

  • Finally messing around a little bit with Ruby on Rails and AJAX.

  • Adding tags to the books blog

  • … watching some olympic competitions, although, I at least tried it in combination with playing ACID ;)

Other things I want to write before getting some sleep:

  • Too bad, there is still now new episode online :-( The stream was on Thursday but now H.264 file seems to have left the encoding cluster…

  • Why can’t I get the uncut version of the new Korn album “See you on the other side” in the Austrian iTunes store :-(