Technorati's Favorites

Yesterday Technorati added a new service to their list: Users can now create a list of their favorite blogs. You can add up to 50 weblogs to this listing which is then basically appears like any other search result listing on Technorati.

While I think it’s great, that Technorati keeps adding new features to their search services, I somehow miss the point on this one. If you’re a blogger, you’re normally already using some kind of feed aggregation for your “favorite” weblogs and news sources to keep track of updates. If want to share this list with other people, most if not nearly all of these aggregators offer some kind of export facility. Others are online to begin with and let you choose feeds you want other people to see.

The only aspect, that makes sense to me there, is that you can also explicitly search for stuff just within the bounds of your favorites. In the case, that the site was indexed by Technorati before it made it into your aggregator and so got indexed by that as well, Technorati here has definitely the advantage. But, to be honest with you, if I want to search for an item, one of my favorites posted, I most likely know about this thanks to my feed aggregator so I first of all search within its index. And if I don’t know anymore, where I’ve read it, I google/technorati the web anyway ;)

Btw.: For some reason does the pagination of my favorites on Technorati not really work :-?

Please keep in mind, that I looked for just a short time at that feature and only read the announcement, so I’m perhaps really missing something here.