PSP Enhanced

Seems like Sony is working on an enhanced PSP with a built-in gig of memory storage. What about games for a change? At least for me, the storage was never really a problem. Sure, you have to get those Memory Stick DUO whatever instead of just use the SD-Cards that are virtually in any other device with removable storage, but anyway. Now according to Kotaku they might even go with microdrives … good idea considering that the PSP’s battery replacement sails seem to be too low for Sony.

I’m really getting the impression, that I’ve wasted 300EUR since I didn’t really want a portable media player but a high-end portable gaming device. If it wasn’t for AC!D and Wipeout Pure I’d have probably sold my PSP by now thanks to Sony’s inability to provide some good original games (and not only porting 2 year old PS2 games) and also the lack of budget titles at least on the European market. Not that Nintendo is that much better in this area but there the games are at least a little bit cheaper …

To Sony: Stop thinking about Flash memory and microdrives and finally support your own device with games.

On a sidenote to Kotaku: 8GB or 8Gb? ;)