Soul Calibur movie coming

… honestly, what was the last game-based movie, you actually enjoyed? Any no: Tomb Raider doesn’t count, since it would basically ruin my point here *g*

Anyway: On Kotaku I just found this post about the website to that Soul Calibur movie. If you don’t know the Soul Calibur series, here’s a short summary: Tekken with swords and sword-inspired weapons, and always bundled with some quite long mission-oriented mode. Or simply put: IMO the only fighting game out there, that tried to innovate a little bit if it comes to main mode. And now you even get a movie somewhen in 2007 according to the official website.

Anybody remembers the Mortal Kombat movies? They were not good… but good for being game-based. And just look at that website. What is the first thing you notice? Right. The stuff in the <title>. And no: I probably won’t “test” the movie just because this website tried some psycho tricks ;)