Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Cardassia and Andor

Photo of the coverAll the “Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine” books consist of two stories around one planet each. The first story of this book takes place on Cardassia where Chief Miles O’Brien and his family are trying to make a new home and helping the Cardassian people. During this story the reader also meets some other familiar faces like Garak and the former Gul Macet. Nice story but in my opinion nothing really special. Especially the ending somehow simply was too quick.

The other story by Heather Jarman is about the adventures of the two in the 8th season of DS9 introduced characters Ensign Thirishar ch’Thane and Ensign Prynn Tenmei on Andor. This story is in my opinion more interesting than the Cardassian one because it described the Andorian culture quite a lot. On the other hand this also requires the description of everything in such a degree, that it might get a little bit too much for some people.

While the Cardassia story wasn’t boring or something like that, it simply felt quite short. Not that you could expect really much more from a ~150 pages story, but somehow the 2nd part of the book had more to offer. Perhaps I felt this way simply because Cardassia was already well known to ST-fans thanks to “A Stitch in Time” and the whole DS9 TV show.

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